duminică, 30 decembrie 2012

Ruxy-50%OFF SALE,New Release and FREE Gifts

New Sexy and Glamorous New Year EVE Dresses
50% SALE entire store LIMITED Time and Free Gift


sâmbătă, 15 decembrie 2012

Winter At Old Europe Village FREE MESH Sweater

Winter at Old Europe Village ---FREE Mesh Sweater

Rustic steampunk victorian era village that hosts major and daily events for SL commerce,cultural and entertainment, Winter is the now the season at this this enchanting European style old village ,Winter ,Christmas ,Ice Skating,Shops,stores,snowball figh
Teleport To Old Europe :http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Old%20Europe/34/184/21

sâmbătă, 10 noiembrie 2012

2nd Annual Full permission Fair

Opening day is Nov 1st  for the 2nd annual

Full Permissions MESH - Sculpties and Textures Fair to be held at Old Europe Village.
This fair was well attended last year and was in the featured destinations showcase page and also on the main secondlife's login screen. This fair will feature  many various item's that these creators make for other's to re-sell in their stores with the agreement that the buyer does not re-sell them full permission and add's something creative and unnique to the designs.
Last year saw many Christmas and seasonal items displayed on the market carts of the seller's also this year there willl be some free and special deals available only at the fair. 

luni, 24 septembrie 2012

Acorn HUNT,All About Autumn Fair@Old Europe

Here are  some of the items you can find located  at Old Europe part of the Acorn HUNT and All About Autumn Fair.
Most of them are  hidden in the carts but also   some have hiddem them in the stores(Zuri and Dinki Di)

 All This Items are Part of the Acorn HUNT and can Be FOund at Old  Europe-All About Autumn Fair


duminică, 23 septembrie 2012

Ruxy-FREE HUNT Item Exclsuive Dresses and New MESH


              ****New HUNT Item for Acorn HUNT at All About Autumn Fair
You can find The  Mesh dress Hidden in a Little Acorn on Ruxy Cart at All About Autumn Fair
Location For The Dress Here:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Old%20Europe/5/207/23

        ****Exclusive Dress for All About Autumn Fair
Located at Ruxy Cart are 2 Dresses made Exclusive for All About Autumn Fair

Location :http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Old%20Europe/5/207/23

***New Mesh Outfits

                 All About Autumn Fair and Acorn HUNT at Old Europe Village

sâmbătă, 22 septembrie 2012

Acorn HUNT and All About Autumn Fair@ Old Europe

                     The All About Autumn Fair and Acorn Hunt 
                              Old Europe Village
                               Friday September 21st -  October 15th
       Top designers and the up and coming are displaying some of their best fashion creations in this enchanting autumn village..Hunt and find the acorn  at market carts inside are FREE gifts from creators. Prize give-aways DJ's - Dancing- and spectacular lightshows at night with music from Kitaro, Joan Baez, Paul Butterfield, blues,fold and rock. 
        Acorn themed ferris wheel, and boat rides, flying acorn tour,Watch the Happy Hunting Show from treet tv Friday September 28th     at 3pm to see the show host Cinder Vale interview Old Europe Village co-owner and fair organizer Up4 Dawes as he takes you on a walking tour of the  fair.. more Happy Hunting information at treet.tv
                       Old Europe Village "all the seasons call this home"

Teleport To The Location:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Old%20Europe/10/205/23


luni, 6 august 2012

Bird in The Hnad HUNT Last day

Last Day of the Bird in the hand HUNT...10 beautiful clothing for free all around Ruxy's Store.
Location Teleporte :http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Old%20Europe/188/140/2824