duminică, 18 martie 2012

Old Europe Market Fair

Visit Old Europe's Market fair and Hunt top designers display in this enchanting village with Today a Live Performance of Beowulf in the village square by the Shinmachi performers at 5pm slt . There is also a hunt with free gifts given by many of the merchants. Take a river ride hands free tour,or sit on the shipping crates as they are taken from the 2nd floor warehouse and loaded on the boat, or find the rezzable flyable WW1 airplanes behind the castle and these really do shoot each other down in a trail of black smoke..have a aerial tour on the flying nest, or make free pottery at the Golden Oriole sit and animate and in 2 minutes a beauitfully decorated vase,bowl, or plate yours to keep or give away copy,trans each time is a different item. Visit the Media center and one click will give you all new product information on the merchants.
Watch the tour of the Old Europe sim and market hunt this march 23, 3pm slt on treet tv's Happy Hunting program with host Cinders Vale. "all the seasons call this home"


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