sâmbătă, 23 iunie 2012

Old Europe's SUMMERFEST & HUNT Opening Day TODAY!!

As a region that changes with the seasons Old Europe is hosting it's SummerFest 2012 and completely have gone beach

in the village square complete with Lifeguard chairs,diving boards,swimming animations and of course dancing and favorite

people watching from the oceans cafe on the pier. The village square surrounded by the market carts of top designers and the up and coming stars of fashion in SL some will offer special Summerfest fair prices and exclusive fair releases.Also will be furniture and homes, and items from contraptions, and curiousities inventors.There is the Starfish hunt with fair creators and village shoppe owners offering FREE items just find their Starfish!! Watch movies NOW PLAYING ! fantastic french nature documentary 'OCEANS" narrated by Pierce Bronson on giant screen at the village square's Aqua-Theater..

The SummerFest will feature live Music, DJ's, Art exhibitions from Raye Bemis RL artist displaying photo's of RL works alongside SL' scaled version some of these are BIG pieces in RL such as outdoor display's from Argonne National Fermi lab,Art in the Park project from City of Chicago's grant Park,..

Ride the largest animated cargo-warehouse scripted scene , from 2nd floor warehouse sit on a crate and ride to be loaded on boat..or sit on crates at boat and be delivered to 2nd floor warehouse.

Take a romantic two seat river ride on the rivers surrounding this enchanting region past rustic homes and under a canopy of tree's with nature sounds.

Rezz and fly FREE WW1 era small airplanes and these really shoot each other down in a plume of black smoke with sound effects highly addictive..located at airstrip behind the majestic castle that allows expansive views from surrounding balcony's of forests,parks and village below..

Make FREE beauitfully decorated pottery at the Golden oriole shoppe in the village square, sit on the potters wheel and animate in 2 minutes be presented to your inventory your free vase,bowl to make copy's or tranfer to friends each one different from previous.

Come for the fun,the shopping, the free items stay for the ambiance and romantic atmosphere..

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Old%20Europe/2/206/23 "all the seasons call this home"

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